WTA Intermediate Tournament 2023

DATE:    Friday 24th November 2023

VENUE: Elliott Park, NAWTON


  • Year 7/8 Mixed


GAME DURATION:  Games will be 12 minutes each way with a 2 minute half time.  There will be 4 minutes in between rounds.  

POINTS: 3 for win, 2 for draw, 1 for loss. If teams are on even points at the end of round play the following will be used to determine who is moved ahead the other team.

1) Who beat who

2) Points differential

3) Points for (whichever is the highest)

4) Points against (whichever is the lowest)

Touch boots or sneakers are compulsory for all players.  No shoes, no play!  

CANCELLATIONS/POSTPONEMENTS: Cancellation of tournament due to bad weather will be put on the website by 6am at the latest. An email wil also be sent out to all team contacts in our Friendly Manager system.

PLAYER RATIOS: 4 males: 2 females minimum. 

REFEREES: We will provide referees for the day. The referees decision is final.

DROP OFFS: Drop off procedure is detailed HERE. Drop offs will only happen if needed in FINALS.