Event Sanctioning

Waikato Touch Association welcomes the opportunity for Event Coordinators to apply for Event Sanctioning.

Touch NZ requests that events are sanctioned by the province to enable the ability for players/volunteers/coaches etc to remain within their set criteria to participate in any Touch NZ run event.

This process allows Waikato Touch to also review any possible conflicts or issues and can ensure that event coordinators are aware of and have met certain criteria.

Your sanctioned status will be published on the Waikato Touch website as soon as the application has been approved.

Once your event(s) have been sanctioned by Waikato Touch, you will then be sent the WTA Sanctioning Pack with vital information about guidelines to run your event.

Waikato Touch expects the following priorities from event coordinators:

  • Communication
  • Results and draws on web/linked to the Waikato Touch website.
  • Regular communication with Team Managers; response to queries in a timely manner.
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Establishment of, if not in place.
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Financial protection of our members.
  • Fees are reasonable; a budget is available to teams.
  • Alignment
  • With other Modules/events.
  • With the WTA calendar.
  • Of Competitions (streamlining and standardizing parts of the delivery).
  • Of Grades (standardize).
  • With the wider development of the sport
  • Avoidance of duplication
  • Competitions balanced across the regions.
  • Ensure competitions aren’t spread too thin.
  • Definition of Roles
  • What Modules are responsible for vs what WTA offer
  • Planning
  • Organised well in advance of season start.
  • Governance
  • Adherence to WTA framework and policy.


EVENT SANCTIONING COST: $100.00 per event/competition