8 Dec

(Vaccine Pass required event)

DATE: Sunday 12th December 2021

VENUE: Swarbrick Park, Rifle Range Road, FRANKTON

I know you have all been anticipating the ability for the kids to get out and share in a day of Touch. As you can imagine we cant wait to see all the kids out and about too. Being that we are running our event as vaccine mandated there is a fair amount of messaging we need to get out to everyone to ensure that we can continue to provide safety and reassurance for all involved.


  • If you are unwell or required to self-isolate please stay home
  • Sanitise on entry and when necessary
  • Scan or sign in via the QR codes or contact tracing sheet available to you
  • Have your vaccine pass (if necessary) ready when approaching the entry points



There are 2 entry points which are all along the Rifle Range Roadside. These are detailed by the orange arrows. ALL participants are to enter through one of these 2 entry points. This includes spectators. During this process you will be asked to sign in via the QR Code or manual registration sheet and use the hand sanitiser available. Teams and players have been advised of their process. MAP INCLUDED HERE


These have been attached above. Each team will have 4 games each. Games are set at 12 min halves with 3 min half time and 3 mins in between rounds so there is a very short turnaround. As soon as your game is finished we ask you to quicky do your high fives and exit the field and the sub box area. Please be considerate as you come and go.

The U10 games are back to back games so we have allowed for a 15 minute break between games, this means that the hooter sirens will be consistent with both draws. Ie: FIRST round: start, half time and finish sirens will be consistent with both draws however the U10s SECOND round will start on the U12s/14s Second half. (Hope that makes sense, I can readdress this at the managers meeting if needed.)


We request that all team management and spectators wear facemasks when possible, especially when intermingling with people you dont know


This has been a nerve racking journey for all, I’m sure you are aware, and being our first vaccine pass required event we are hoping that we can make this event run as smoothly and safely as possible. We will have the support of the DHB who can assist with vaccine information and also assisting with sorting your vaccine pass if needed. We also have the assistance of one of our Youth teams assisting with event management as we need more resources to ensure we can manage our event effectively. With that in mind please be kind, most of our whanau are unpaid volunteers and we are all working alongside the guidance that has been provided to us. If you are feeling worried or concerned about anything please head over to tournament control and we will do our best to assist you.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing our Tamariki out there playing again.