27 May

WIth COVID continuing to wreck havoc on many local, regional and national tournaments we have discussed in thorough our ability to be able to provide Junior Modules for our tamariki. It wasnt a straight forward decision however we will need to make a lot of changes to our structure to allow us to operate within the COVID Protection Framework (CPF) Guidelines.

This term will be different again and we look to implement the following strategies:

  1. Our modules will be run as “Vaccine Pass” required events. 

This means that ALL participants over the age of 12 years and 3 months will need to provide a vaccine pass. This will be done through the sporty online registration process or via the manual registration sheet to be provided everyday.

     2.  There will be no spectators allowed 

This means that we will be able to keep our 100 person limit throughout all of our gathering groups.

     3. No Year 1/2 age groups this season

Unfortunately the ages for this group will be too hard to manage within the required guidelines. We are looking into other ways to provide some form of Touch development opportunities for our young ones.

       4. Only Swarbrick Primary and Intermediate/High School competitions to be run

This also means that we wont be running the Flagstaff module to enable all out resources to be at the one venue on the Monday.

       5. 20 person limit per team

In order to keep our areas below the required 100 person limit, teams will only be allowed a maximum of 20 people per team. This will include your team referee as well. Team members will need to be recorded on the team sheet to be handed in to our volunteers on arrival. 

      6.Vaccine Pass verification

We are asking for team managers to enter your team members name, DOB and Vaccine Pass expiry date on the team sheet to be handed in each playing day. This sheet will form the basis for contact tracing and verification of vaccine pass requirements (where necessar

       7. Limited teams per grade

Due to the need for more spacing we have had to cut down on teams per grade to enable us to meet CPF requirements. Team entries may be accepted on a first in first served basis however we will work with everyone to ensure that it is a fair process and that we can try and cater for as many teams as possible.


Swarbrick Primary Module (Year3/4 & 5/6 grades)

  • Thursdays – 24th February to 31st March 2022 (6 Weeks)
  • Team Registrations close Wednesday 16th February 2022
  • Player registrations close Sunday 27th February 2022

Intermediate and Secondary School Module (Year 7/8, Junior & Senior grades)

  • Mondays – 21st February to 28th March 2022 (6 Weeks)
    • Team Registrations close Wednesday 16th February 2022
    • Player registrations close Sunday 27th February 2022


Each team is to provide their own team referee. These people need to be named on your team registration sheet that is handed in each day.

For those wishing to still enter teams you can do so by completing the registration process as normal via our website.

Please get in touch if you need anything clarified further.